New Upstart Hot Dog Business

This is Barry's first hot dog stand. Barry Wishire, age 35, has always wanted to own a hot dog stand.

Ever since I was kid, I loved hot dog stands. I thought they were the best place to get a delicious hot dog quickly.
With the help of donations from the community, Barry was able to make his childhood dream come true.
I hope many readers buy from his hot dog stand and support Barry in his new endeavor.

100% Delicious

The hot dogs from Barry's stand are delicious! They are unlike any other in town.
These hot dogs are specially made of 80% grass-fed beef and 20% pork fat . But most of all, they are 100% delicious!
Also, the prices are very reasonable at $2 per hot dog. You can't beat this incredible low price! Barry is planning to expand his menu in the future to include some side items that will compliment his hot dogs. Keep stopping by to his hot dog stand to enjoy a hot dog or two and be one of his first customers to try his side items that will be coming soon.

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